AnswerThePublic pro is packed with features that are not available on the free version. They currently include:

  • Unlimited searches¬†

The Pro version allows unlimited searches so you are never hit with the daily limit again (subject to fair use policy).

  • Saved reports

We automatically save the reports your team create so you can easily refer back to them (If you run the same search at a later date, the results may change).

  • Organise your reports into Collections folders.

  • Compare data + see new suggestions

You can run the same searches over time and easily compare how the search behaviour is changing. We highlight the new topics so you can easily see what is new.

  • Set automated Search Alerts - we'll run your most important searches weekly and email you with a digest on any changes in results since your last search.

  • Language + Location based results - save your home location

You can set your home location in AnswerThePublic Pro so all searches will default to that location (its set to the UK in the free tool)

  • High-res images

Great for if you are including your research in a pitch or presentation, the Pro version allows you to download the images in high resolution.

  • Hide unwanted sections and individual suggestions

Another feature that is great for reports and presentations is the ability to hide arms. This means you can take out the results that are not relevant or only include the ones you want to talk about.

  • Invite more teamamtes into your account and set others up as admins (invite number depending on plan).

Our friends over at Search Listening (the official education partner for AnswerThePublic) have also released a great video on our Pro tool here.

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