Our reports record a snapshot of how people are searching for answers online at a given moment in time. Searching for the same term at different intervals provides a powerful insight into how online search behaviour changes and evolves over time, either from the same or different locations in the world. 

Our comparison feature available on Pro accounts allows you to quickly see the differences between results from two reports. 

Our friends over at Search Listening have released a great video on how to compare reports and how to use this feature:

If you want to try it for yourself, here are step by step instructions on how to compare reports:

Select a report and click on compare data:

Select the second report from the drop down list and click compare:

You can compare any time frames where you have made reports.

In this example there were 55 new results for Yoga between the 12th and 19th July. You'll see the new results highlighted in green, allowing you to quickly scan for new ideas.

You can also export the data in CSV file by clicking on the download CSV link at the top of the report:

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