You can now create folders inside your account to store and organise all your new and existing searches.

Create a new collection

There's a few ways you can create a new collection. Click on +create a collection in the your searches page to quickly add a folder to your list

Or, visit the collections page from the main menu bar to add new folders

Can I add existing searches to collections?

Yes, just go to the search in your account and click on the add to collection button, search for the folder and add it. Any new snapshots you take for that search will be saved in the same collection.

You can also create a collection and save any existing searches (or add a new one) from the Collections page.

Type in an existing search and click on Add to save it, or go straight ahead and make a new search for that collection.

Can I delete a collection?

Yes, you can archive any collections in your account so they won't show in your active list. Click on the options to the right of your collection and Archive it.

You can also restore a previously archived collection - click on the "archived collections" button and you can restore any folders back to your list

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